Hinckley Research Grants
for FHSS Faculty

Call for Proposals

Proposal Deadline

Submit proposals through the “submit an application” link at the top of this page no later than midnight on February 15th. Address questions regarding proposals and submission instructions to the Associate Dean of Faculty Development.


The College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences (FHSS) will fund up to two new research projects per year under the auspices of the Marjorie Pay Hinckley Endowed Chair in the Social Sciences and Social Work. The total amount of funding per project is $25,000, disbursed over one or two years, depending on project needs. The funding is designed to support research projects whose goals align with the goals of the Endowed Chair, run by FHSS faculty members in CFS-track positions These goals are:

  • to understand and strengthen the family in the areas of marriage, parenting, family roles, and family well-being.
  • to understand and encourage the development of women through growth experiences in a variety of roles, including those that are spiritual, educational, community-service oriented, and relating to family life and career development.
  • to research and develop intervention strategies relating to the challenges of parenting, particularly in circumstances such as single parenthood, post-divorce parenting, step-parenting, parenting the troubled child, and parenting children with disabilities, and regarding topics such as social development, abuse recovery, dysfunctional families, immigrant child acculturation, and learning disabilities.

Funds may not be used to support faculty release time, faculty or student travel to research conferences, conference posters, or capital equipment. The normal funding cycle is two years. Extensions of one year, in extenuating circumstances, must be approved by the Marjorie Pay Hinckley Endowed Chair Committee.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals, which cannot exceed 5 pages (not including vita and references) should include:

  1. A brief description of the issue being studied, why it is important, and how it meets one or more of the goals of the endowed chair.
  2. A summary of methods of data collection and analysis.
  3. A description of students involved (if involved) including their numbers, roles, and contributions.
  4. An itemized budget with calculated estimates for each line item.
  5. Other sources of funding (if any), including current or future plans to apply for external funding.
  6. A current curriculum vita (5 page max) for the Principal Investigator with contact information.
  7. A letter of support from the chair of your department.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated by the Marjorie Pay Hinckley Endowed Chair Committee, which includes scholars from several disciplines. Proposals will be reviewed on the bases of

  • conceptual clarity,
  • scholarly promise, and
  • alignment with the goals of the Endowed Chair.

Reporting Requirements

If proposals are approved, they are funded in March of each year. To ensure accountability, faculty members who receive Hinckley funds are required to submit a status report on January 15th for three successive years. These reports ask for detail regarding expenditures, mentoring activities, and scholarly products produced in each calendar year. Regardless of whether you request the award in one or two disbursements, three annual reports are required. If completed reports are not submitted by the specified deadlines, funding will be suspended, and no future Hinckley award proposals will be considered until the report is received.

Example Reporting Schedule

1st (or sole) disbursement

1st report due by

2nd disbursement (if necessary)

2nd report due by

Final report due by